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Geico makes sequels to popular Pinocchio, racoons and woodchucks ads

Sequels aren’t just for movies anymore. The ad world is getting its own follow-ups as Geico introduces second rounds of its ads starring Pinocchio, the raccoons and the irascible woodchucks.

Six humorous spots from The Martin Agency continue where the originals left off. Pinocchio continues his lying ways in two spots. One finds him pulled over by a cop and his nose grows as he tries to fib his way out of a ticket to no avail. The other finds his lengthening wooden nose becoming a problem as he lies on a first date he booked on a dating app.

The woodchucks appear in two fake ads – one for a lumber place where their wood chucking wreaks havoc on the local business. The other is a fake coffee ad where a couple having their java next to a placid lake is disrupted by their wood chucking into the water.

The raccoons are seen stealing a garbage truck to get their bounty of food. In another, they are trying to sell food out of the truck at a hipster food truck pod, with disgusting dishes like melon rind stew and gristle pot pies. All end with the tag line: “With Geico the savings keep on going, just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.”

To further boost the campaign, movie posters will pop up in theaters all around the US (in the coming soon boxes in movie theater lobbies) – and there will be some special sweepstakes moments for fans to get mementos from the commercial sets.

Americans will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite sequel character (and since award season is heating up, the brand hints that it will be getting help from some real critics to help people weigh in on their favorites as the campaign goes on). Voting is open now at and ends at midnight on 10 Feb.

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