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British public invents a twisted Amazon Prime Christmas movie for Friday the 13th

The British public has spoken – Santa is an evil killer. That’s the rough plot of a crowd-sourced movie created by Amazon Prime for a Friday the 13th that’s dangerously close to Christmas.

To celebrate the unlucky day, creative agency Ralph has created a film for Amazon Prime Video’s social channels which required the British public to become impromptu movie moguls.

Interviewing people on the street, the trailer shows the folks making plot suggestions, which began innocently enough. The first few suggestions set the film at Christmas with a nice, wholesome family. We see them coming down the stairs to investigate a sound, which seems like Santa coming through the chimney. But then things escalate when one contributor insists that the intruder is a giant, evil Santa.

Santa chokes the father with razor wire tinsel, then waterboards him with milk before the mother slashes Santa’s belly, which explodes with candy.

The subjects are then asked what the film should be called, and they come up with silly names like Father Badness and Normal Normal Norman.

Ralph curated the plot from the creative people of Spitalfields Market, who held nothing back. Then Ralph shot the trailer for the movie – complete with the massive evil Santa and a typical British family that loves everything about Christmas, to a fault.

The film was made to promote Amazon Prime as a place where viewers have plenty of movie choices, promoted with the hashtag #MakeMyMovie.

View the film by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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