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Timberland to plant 26,000 trees with a literal pledge

Timberland has strengthened its commitment to a greener future with a pledge to plant 26,000 trees in Ghana in partnership with agroforestry specialist Treedom.

The forest frenzy comes as part of an ambitious plan to plant 50m trees over the next five years as the outdoor lifestyle brand redoubles a commitment to reforestation which has seen it plant 10m trees globally since 2001.

Citing the benefits of tree growth in terms of air purification, cooling and water retention Timberland has alighted on Ghana for its latest initiative which will form a key component of the Great Green Wall Project – an 8km-long natural barrier stretching the width of Africa.

It is estimated that the Timberland forest will help mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing the severity of droughts while extracting 25m kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Timberland has sought to establish an eco-led brand purpose with its 'We're not activists' push.