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Nike Germany shows hijab boxer Zeina Nassar rise from the canvas in 'Sonne'

Nike has followed up its first-ever 'Just Do It' ad in Germany with a spot showing German boxer Zeina Nassar recover from a knockdown - part of a wider series about how female athletes are battling societal norms.

During her rise from the canvas, Nassar's life flashes before her eyes and we see how she helped to overturn an international regulation prohibiting women from competing in a hijab in boxing.

The first spot 'Helden', scored with David Bowie's 'Heroes' told the inspiring backstories of diverse athletes who are driven to achieve success for their communities.

Now 'Sonne' continues telling how female athletes are pursuing an equal playing field in sport, a continuation of the 'Du tust es nie nur für dich' (You never do it just for yourself) campaign.

This time the spot is scored by Rammstein's 'Sonne', newly interpreted by German singer Balbina.

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