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Apple films an epic snowball battle on iPhone 11 Pro

Snowball battles are a rite of passage for those living in colder climates, and Apple has filmed an epic ‘Snowbrawl’ to show how a film-quality video can be shot on its iPhone 11 Pro.

In the latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ film, ‘Snowbrawl,’ Apple put the iPhone 11 Pro camera with native 4K video and triple-camera system to the test, turning an ordinary snowball fight into an action-packed thriller. Director David Leitch and cinematographer Robert Elswit leveraged the camera’s extended dynamic range and cinematic video stabilization to dramatize a young girl’s journey as she and her friends rescue her teddy bear from her brother in a snowball fight.

In the video, we see the younger sister and her band of underdogs taking on the older brother and his merciless teen group. The video shows flying snow, inventive attack techniques, armored sleds and more as the two sides battle it out.

The mobility and weight of the device enabled the filmmakers to simulate moments that would be difficult with bulky professional equipment, all without sacrificing quality.

Apple also unveiled a behind-the-scenes look at how the ensemble embraced the strengths of the camera to turn the scene into a Hollywood-style film. ‘The Making of Snowbrawl’ shows the ease of shooting 4K video at 60fps.

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