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Google sued by adtech company over alleged anti-competitive practices

Google sued by ad tech company over alleged anti-competitive practices

Google has found itself engaged in a war of words with advertising technology company Inform amid allegations that it was forced to withdraw from the digital advertising market as a direct result of Google’s 'anti-competitive' practices.

Inform is suing Google for damages arising from misuse of its monopoly of the search and mobile industries, which it says have served to undermine competition in the ad market.

In its lawsuit, Inform wrote: “The totality of Google’s illegal and anti-competitive conduct across multiple, inter-related markets demonstrates a frightening march to online and digital dominance.”

The Atlanta-based business competes with Google in online video advertising by offering its services to publishers and advertisers. Over the period 2014-16, Inform generated over $100m in revenue from its online ad services but this income has since collapsed, with the finger of blame pointed squarely at Google.

It has since been sold to Bright Mountain Media.

Google’s lawyers have been earning their fees amid a spate of anti-trust investigations underway against the internet giant worldwide, with Google’s control over the technology that powers web ads being a particular focus for regulators.

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