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IBM CMO Michelle Peluso on the marketer of the future, data and AI

The role of the marketer of the future is evolving for numerous reasons, a topic The Drum has been exploring. Here, IBM's chief marketing officer and senior vice-president of digital sales, Michelle Peluso, discusses her views on what is happening and what she sees happening in her own role as a marketer.

“The role of the marketer is changing rapidly and it will be about combining the powers of creativity with the big idea and bold storytelling with data and analytics to help delight customers and to make sure that companies grow and prosper,” she predicted before talking about how technology and data would impact the role, as well as the growing emergence of artificial intelligence too.

"Customer expectations are exploding too. Great marketers can cut through all of that... to provide customers with exceptional experiences to drive loyalty," Peluso added.

Listen to her full thoughts on the topic on the future role of the marketer in the video above.

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