McDonald’s reasserts itself as a family favourite with colourful campaign

McDonald’s France is reasserting itself as a family-friendly restaurant with the help of four childhood prints prepared by TBWA/Paris.

‘Family proof’ seeks to position the fast-food business as a place of fun and play courtesy of striking visuals photographed by Maud Rémy-Lonvis which looks to showcase the iconic golden arches in a new light.

The four prints feature colorful hand prints, a ketchup splotch, crayon drawings and playful stamps, all with a stenciled McDonald's logo and a 'Family Proof' stamp.

In a statement, the burger chain wrote: “For a child, life is often made of constraints: do not run, do not touch, do not get dirty… But at McDonald’s, it’s not like anywhere else: you can spend the day in it, you can eat whenever you want, and you can play at the same time. In a nutshell, it's a real leisure destination, which rhymes with freedom for families.

“This freedom is essential in everyday life that McDonald's France decided to transcribe with this campaign aimed at families.”

The campaign follows on from the appointment of new chief executive officer Chris Kempczinski following the departure of Steve Easterbrook.

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