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Nike's Just Do It debut in Germany tells the story of driven athlete 'Helden'

Nike has brought its iconic Just Do It campaign to Germany for the first time with a David Bowie-inspired spot called 'Helden' (Heroes). It tells the inspiring backstories of diverse athletes who are driven to achieve success for their communities.

The campaign, 'Du tust es nie nur für dich' or 'you never do it just for yourself' evolves the Just Do It platform to tell the tale of German heroes as Just Do It surpasses its 30th anniversary.

Nike, with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, has launched a marketing offensive on the home turf of lead rival Adidas. Among its stable of atheles is Léon Schäfer, a Paralympics athlete champion, hijab boxer Zeina Nassar and footballer Leroy Sané.

Sebastian Niemeyer, brand and marketing lead for Nike in Germany, said: "With 'Du tust es nie nur für dich' we are opening a new chapter for the Nike brand in Germany, celebrating sports.

“For today’s youth sport can have a greater meaning than simply competing and winning. It’s the power to unite, to inspire and to lead change in their communities that counts. Our sporting heroes fuel this passion on the pitch or track and in communities to unlock sport for the next generation of athletes. Sport becomes a catalyst and you never do it just for yourself.”

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