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Amazon fires up ad-supported News video app

Amazon fires up ad-supported News video app

Amazon has unleashed an ad-supported video news app designed for Fire TV devices, enabling viewers to catch up on all the latest current events with both live and on-demand content from the likes of CBS, Reuters and Bloomberg.

News will be rolled out to an expanding pool of compatible devices over the next few weeks including tablets such as the updated Fire HD10, with Amazon pledging that consumers won’t have to faff around creating separate accounts to benefit from the content.

In doing so Amazon will be better able to compete with the offerings of rival services such as Apple News + and Google News while also strengthening relationships with publishers such as Sports Illustrated, Al Jazeera and Yahoo.

Amazon is in process of devising new ad revenue streams to diversify its revenue base, becoming the third-largest digital advertiser in the US after Google and Facebook in the process.

The company has previously dipped its toes in ad-supported waters via IMDB TV.

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