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Just one in five marketers are confident their brand values and actions are consistent

19% of marketers fret that their brand values and actions are inconsistent

Just one in five (19%) marketing leaders are confident that their brand values and actions are consistent, according to a study from Gartner.

The research firm's latest Brand Strategy and Innovation Survey found that the majority of respondents (79%) said there was "moderate alignment" between brand values and actions. A further 2% said there was "minimal" alignment.

These failings were compounded by rising consumer distrust, with 70% viewing marketers with active scepticism.

Chris Ross, vice president analyst at Gartner, commented: “With consumer scepticism at an all-time high and disconnects between brand promises and realities triggering negative associations, marketing leaders cannot afford to have their brand values out of step with their actions.”

To remedy this, it recommended that marketers draw upon more data sources and establish new insights to bring their brand values and insights into alignment. It is also recommended that more work is put into ensuring brand values more accurately reflect the culture of the organisation by prioritising the most relevant and removing those which are no longer applicable.

Trust is becoming an increasingly rare commodity with a paltry 4% of people believing what influencers say online.

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