Young Muslim women travellers to be the next disruption, says research

The majority of Muslim female travellers hail from Malaysia and Indonesia, with 46% and 38% of females having already travelled with their girlfriends from these respective markets.

Muslim travellers have become one of the fastest growing segments, making up around 10% of the global travel category but remaining relatively under-served, according to research by TBWA\Asia.

TBWA\Asia commissioned Singapore-based research house Intuit Research on the discovery study confirming Muslim travellers do not want to compromise their faith-based needs while travelling, but also don’t want their values to hinder their travel experience.

The study, which interviewed almost 1000 Muslims aged between 18 and 30 across Malaysia, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, found there is an increasing number of young Muslim travellers, travelling independently, with Malaysia and Indonesia travellers looking to travel to approximately four countries in the next 18 months.

Nazirah Ashari, director of strategy, TBWA\Kuala Lumpur said: ‘Halal travel is real. It’s much more than hotels labelling breakfast menus. If countries, and companies, are serious about attracting the attention of this increasingly influential audience, there must be a conscious effort to understand what is important to this group of travellers; what motivates their decisions to choose one destination over the next.

“Sisters on tour is definitely an area of interest. We’ve found 1 in 3 females interviewed have already travelled for leisure with their girlfriends, despite the various barriers, with a high percentage planning a trip over the next 18 months."