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Flipkart unveils Video Originals to combat Amazon Prime in India

Flipkart unveils Video Originals to combat Amazon Prime in India

Walmart backed Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart has ventured into original video content with the unveiling of 'Flipkart Video Originals' to combat its rival Amazon Prime Video.

The new platform will be integrated within the Flipkart Video platform which was rolled out earlier this year. Flipkart Video Originals will feature content produced by some of the key names in the industry like Oscar winner Guneet Monga and production houses such as Studio Next, Frames and Sikhya Productions.

Flipkart Video Originals will make available bespoke content that is both mobile-first and interactive in nature,according to an official statement.

Prakash Sikaria, vice president - Growth & Monetization at Flipkart said: “Within the first two months of the launch of Flipkart Video, we are overwhelmed with the positive response we have received from consumers. Encouraged by this, we are launching our next content offering - ‘Flipkart Video Originals’.

"There is an existing gap that needs to be filled and at Flipkart, we saw an opportunity to create great video content which is easier for people to consume, that is mobile-first."

Guneet Monga, said: "I am excited to be collaborating with Flipkart to cater to today's demand of short-form content, at the convenience of mobile phones. With accepting audience like today's, it is exciting to make diverse films. It's great to witness that Flipkart Video Originals is enabling film makers to share their stories."

Flipkart recently rolled out Hindi interface with the aim to drive 200m customer engagements.

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