Los Angeles LGBT Center video highlights family acceptance on National Coming Out Day

The Los Angeles LGBT Center has created a powerful video highlighting how family acceptance is critical to the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ+ youth.

The video, created by agency RPA and directed by Station Film’s Lena Beug, uses an emotional cover of a Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got to Do With It? performed by Rose Cousins (the use of which was donated by the publishers), as the propelling theme.

The video puts parents at the center of the conversation around coming out and tells the story of teens who aren’t afforded the luxury of ‘stereotypical’ teenage heartbreak at the hands of an unrequited crush or being left out of the “cool kid” club at school.

Their heartbreak is the disappointment and rejection of their parents, shown in the sadness and hurt in their eyes.

In the second part, the tone is more upbeat, as parents are shown being accepting and loving of their children through the coming out process.

The video will live on the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s social channels and through donated media will be promoted on Twitter and shared by Team Liquid. It will also air in select theaters throughout Los Angeles as well as on various TV and donated digital placements. Additionally, the Los Angeles LGBT Center will post behind-the-scenes videos featuring cast members’ coming-out stories.

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