Nectar uses ‘motivational sleeper’ Yawn Yawnson to inspire people to nap

Mattress brand Nectar is looking to inspire people to nap and sleep better through the words and actions of a sleep-obsessed evangelist named Yawn Yawnson.

Inspired by self-help gurus like Tony Robbins and Nick Vujicic, Yawnson’s fictional ‘motivational sleeper’ rouses a huge crowd to take naps and get better sleep through the “world’s quietest revolution” to “Awaken Great Sleep.”

In a series of spots, Yawnson goes over the top with his hype to an audience of “bedheads”, with proclamations of “We need a nap” as he bounces on a Nectar mattress, and “There are no bad sleepers, only bad mattresses.”

In the 90-second hero spot, he addresses massive crowds and extols the power of a good nap. Working the crowd into a frenzy, Yawnson brings audience members on stage to share his go-to sleep solution: Nectar – a memory foam mattress with a 365-night sleep trial. His fans go wild and partake in mattress surfing and trust falls as Yawnson chants “Free yourselves from being awake.”

Nectar, by Resident, developed the spots with Brooklyn-based agency Mustache for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram platforms. The high-energy, hyperbolic tone contrasts with the placid need for sleep in a way that calls attention to sleep anxiety and how Nectar can hopefully help cure that issue.

“Prioritizing sleep is a problem that resonates with all of us. Too often it takes a backseat to everything else in life, which is why we felt sleep needs a hype man – we all need a little Yawn Yawnson in our life,” said Gil Efrati, chief marketing officer of Nectar by Resident. “Instead of leaning into a calm, sleepy message like so many others in the space, we want to get consumers pumped about cozying up, hitting snooze and sleeping in, all on a Nectar mattress. There is often a stigma associated with taking time out for sleep, and as a society we celebrate and reward the ‘hustle.’ At Nectar we celebrate and reward the ‘UnHustle’.”

‘Awaken Great Sleep’ follows the company’s two previous campaigns, including 2018 'Make America Sleep Again,' which drove growth and awareness for Nectar through digital advertising and Facebook, as well as the very popular and funny digital video campaign, 'Real, Sleep Science from Mayim Bialik.'

See the spots by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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