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By Imogen Watson, Senior reporter

October 8, 2019 | 2 min read

For the first time in its history, Marmite is searching the nation to find who loves its yeast spread and who hates it, so it can hypnotise the haters to change their minds.

Established in 1902, Marmite's distinctive slogan: 'Marmite - you either love it or hate it' - is an unusual direction for a brand to admit its product isn't always everyone's cup of tea, or yeast.

Inspired by the belief it can transform its haters into lovers through hypnotism, the brand is calling on Marmite haters to take part in a social experiment.

Marmite haters can apply for a unique mind control experience online by answering a series of questions. A panel of participants will be selected to ensure they meet eligibility requirements, and once finalised, they will travel to London to watch a hypnosis film that could see them walk away as a fan of the savoury spread.

Discussing the hypnosis campaign, Rachel Chambers, marketing manager at Marmite, said: “The taste of Marmite has been dividing families for over 100 years. We’re so pleased that we have finally cracked how to convert even the most vehement of haters to lovers, using the power of hypnosis.

“The recent research cemented Marmite’s reputation as the most loved and hated product of our generation, and we can’t wait for lucky participants to be converted from haters to lovers”.

Marmite: Marmite Seeks Britain's Biggest Hater

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