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Sprite urges Chinese youths to mix it up with their creativity

Sprite China campaign encourages Chinese youths to express their individuality freely

Sprite is collaborating with Jiang Xiao Bai, a white spirit, better known as baijiu in China, to create two new combinations as part of a campaign.

The campaign titled 'Mixing Up Like This', created by MRM//McCann Shanghai, aims to empower Chinese youth to celebrate their individuality through creating these combinations.

The campaign posters feature a youthful couple with a young woman with dyed, short hair, next to a long-haired man with the caption reading “the alternative in other people’s eyes is exactly the kind I alternative I like.”

Another ad featuring a male couple reads, “people say we can’t, but I say no! maybe!” An ad with a female couple reads, “it’s important not to follow suit”.

The mixing of beverages i.e. Sprite with other drinks has been a long-standing tradition in China and its widely known that former premier Li Peng used to enjoy mixing Sprite with black vinegar or red wine.

Bryce Whitwam, chief executive of MRM//McCann said: “Chinese consumers are no longer satisfied with just manufactured flavors. They’re looking for new variances that represent their individual tastes, something easily shared with their friends on social media.”

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