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Robert Webb stars as the personification of a 'rubbish TV' in Now TV spot

Peep Show darling, Robert Webb, stars in a Now TV campaign as the personification of a family's television set.

Targeting people who have never paid for TV before, the campaign aims to encourage people to make the switch from Freeview to Now TV.

The campaign is built around the insight that people generally declare themselves to be happy with their lot on Freeview, but this leads them to settle for 'filler' shows.

The spot opens with a family, sat down in their living room, staging an intervention with their TV (Webb).

Staring pointingly at the camera, the father says: "look you know we love you, you bring us joy. We've had some terrific times together, but sometimes...." upon which his youngest daughter cheekily finishes his sentence with "'re rubbish."

Sat on the TV cabinet, holding an aerial, Webb appears surprised and upset to hear the family isn’t as fond of him as he generally thought. Swift to calm the intervention, the mum assures him that he 95% good, 5% bad. The teenage daughter juts in to say "More like 70, 30."

Webb responds: "So all this time you've been pretending? That's what all the channel hopping was about?"

The awkward conversation accumulates with the presentation of a new Now TV box, meaning that from then on, he'll be able to stream whatever his family is in the mood for. They just need to figure out where to "pop it in."

The campaign is supported in out-of-home and social with ads pushing some of the content Now TV has on offer, prompting people to ask themselves “What’s your TV got for you tonight?”. It was created by Engine.

Discussing the campaign, Paul Jordan, executive creative officer, Engine Creative, said: “We wanted to find a way to show both the love and disappointment that viewers feel for the TV they watch. So personifying the family telly was the perfect answer. And what better scenario than an awkward ‘family meeting’ to deliver the uncomfortable truth?”

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