Home insurance customers invited to chillax with Churchill

Churchill home insurance has launched a campaign revealing a chilled new identity while retaining its bulldog spirit.

‘Chur-Chill’ sees star attraction Churchie return as the centerpiece of the insurer’s identity with the lugubrious pet shaking off his doleful persona via a variety of CGI skateboard situations. In doing so the ‘nodding dog’ mascot conveys the message to modern audiences that Churchill will do all the hard work for you while you relax.

Lucy Brooksbank, head of Churchill marketing, said: “Our audience has always loved Churchie, but they don’t expect him to stand still. So, with our new relaunch of the brand, Churchill rides on, making life feel that little bit more effortless – as we believe it should do for all our customers allowing them to just... chill.”

Animated by Untold Studios and Engine, Churchie’s photorealistic antics will be relayed as part of an integrated campaign breaking during an episode of Emmerdale on ITV and running for eight weeks, reinvigorated by a second ad on 28 October.

This will be accompanied by radio, cinema, blipverts, channel sponsorship, social and a Spotify partnership.

Previous Churchill campaigns have communicated Churchie's charms via a mechanical puppet.

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