Online property firm Trade Me's campaign aims to unite home buyers and sellers

Online property finding place Trade Me has unveiled its new brand campaign entitled 'There's someone for everything' with the aim to unite buyers and sellers.

The campaign highlights that no matter what is being sold on Trade Me, there’s someone out there who’ll love it.

The film, created by Colenso BBDO, features a buyer and a seller describing an item being listed. Both use the exact same language as each other – with the only difference between them being the tone of voice they use. While one is complaining, the other is excited about the same

The campaign was directed by Dave Wood and Goodoil Films.

Trade Me’s chief customer officer Regan Savage said: “We love this new campaign because it captures the experience of buying and selling on Trade Me, with all the quirkiness of real life. The team have brought a really nice amount of humour to this work too, and it helps demonstrate Trade Me’s role as a very useful and fun part of Kiwis’ everyday lives”.

Colenso BBDO’s chief creative officer Levi Slavin said: “I found my house, car, guitars, and children on Trade Me. I found my life on there. So, it has been a real honour to create a new portfolio of work for such an iconic Kiwi brand.”

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