Breast Cancer Foundation NZ unveils app to teach women to look for breast cancer

The Breast Cancer Foundation NZ has partnered Colenso BBDO to unveil a multi-sensory app 'Pre check' that will help teach people on how to look for breast cancer with their hands.

The app uses haptic technology and an interface that leverages the power of touch, sight, audio and 3D motion to help women gain a better understanding of the nine symptoms of breast cancer.

The educational tool allows users to feel around the 3D breast in search of anything that doesn’t feel normal. The app includes a visual self-check guide and the option to personalize monthly reminders.

As part of the launch, an educational editorial series is also being published across various Bauer magazines and online properties. In partnership with Starcom and oOh! Media, Kiwis are being encouraged to tap to donate on street furniture around the country.

Ellen Fromm, senior copywriter Colenso BBDO said: “Pre Check reinvents the way we learn about breast cancer, from pamphlets in your doctor’s surgery into interactive symptoms on your own phone screen. By knowing what breast cancer can look and feel like, we’re helping women recognize what’s normal and abnormal when it comes to their own breasts.”

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s chief executive, Evangelia Henderson said: “This is a significant new wellbeing tool for women in New Zealand. The information has been available before but this is a new way of putting it in people’s hands.”

She continued: “Breast cancer is most treatable when it is found early, so early detection is your best chance of survival. That’s why it’s vital to know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and know what’s your normal for your breasts. If you notice any changes, see your doctor immediately. If this new app encourages women to be more alert to breast changes and to see their doctors earlier, it will certainly save lives.”

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