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Ads We Like: Tide completes its #LaundryNight debate with Nick Offerman getting the last word


By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

October 1, 2019 | 4 min read

For four weeks Tide kept us guessing if we were watching a Tide ad or some other programming during Sunday Night Football, with an ongoing debate on what night is best to do laundry. It wrapped up over the weekend with appearances by Kenan Thompson, Nick Offerman, Peyton Manning and the Bud Knight and King, with Offerman providing a thoughtful solution.

Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman and Peyton Manning for Tide

In the latest spot, Thompson is seen at the grocery store, defacing a Manning cutout, when Manning walks up and the two get into a petty, but humorous, name calling tiff.

Offerman makes a surprise appearance, interrupting the feud to help finally settle the debate and let them know that it’s ok for consumers to do laundry during their favorite shows, that people can now watch TV guilt free and when they’re done, their favorite shirt is clean. Problem solved.

The #LaundryNight debate started with Manning declaring that, in order for people to never miss their favorite players or plays, Tide, NBC and the NFL teamed up to declare that Tuesday should be the official laundry night, with NFL standing for “Not For Laundry”.

That was met by a fake promo for The Voice, where Gwen Stefani stopped a contestant to declare that her program is on Tuesday and that Sunday should remain the official #LaundryNight. Manning returned to the podium to issue an apology and say that there are plenty of other nights for laundry.

The cast of Superstore then got into the mix, trying to push people away from doing laundry on their airtime, starting a feud with Manning.

Thompson and fellow Saturday Night Live cast member Melissa Villaseñor decided the problem was worthy of a rap song to promote Sunday, which they performed with a cameo by wrestling legend Ric Flair, which irked Manning.

The #LaundryNight issue moved to daytime as Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall appeared as their Days of Our Lives characters, John and Marlena Black. Marlena accused John of doing laundry during the week, during their show, so he could watch football on the weekends. They made up by choosing Sunday as laundry day.

Manning returned in a spot that featured a Saints fan having to decide whether to do laundry or watch her favorite team. Manning convinced her that there is only one choice – football – and that laundry will be there every other day.

Ravens running back Mark Ingram did more convincing for fans, telling one guy to turn off Days of Our Lives and do laundry because “Sunday’s coming.”

While not directly associated, even the medieval Dilly Dilly Bud Light royal court tried to divert the attention of the Bud Knight by stating that the whole court is dressed up because “it’s laundry night.”

Bud Light even tweeted a #LaundryNight tip – cup holders on laundry baskets.

Bud Light Tide

Finally, Offerman settled the issue, but not before it trended on social media, with the likes of the WWE stars and NFL players getting into the argument. Luckily, if consumers follow Offerman’s advice, they won’t miss a show, a game or a match, and Tide will gladly clean up any laundry problem.

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Tide: Laundry Night Debate

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