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Drumcast: the future of search

Find out more about the customer journey in the world of AI with Yext and Diageo

The future of search will define the future of marketing. Today, customer journeys with a brand begin with a question, not just a keyword. Search itself has evolved from desktop to mobile to now voice devices and virtual assistants. The combination of advanced artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the rise of mobile adoption has radically altered consumers’ expectations of what search can deliver. How are brands responding to this evolution to uncover new insights and provide a whole new level of personalisation?

A DrumCast, in partnership with Yext, will get you up close and personal with the future of search. Hosted by The Drum, it will feature Yext managing director, Northern Europe, Jon Buss and special guest speaker from Diageo, the senior technology and innovation manager, Peri Antoniou.

How can marketers equip themselves in the future to leverage modern day search for brand positioning and campaign amplification? Or how can brands manage this paradigm shift in search in an age of artificial intelligence and the war on misinformation? Or what is search intent and why does it matter? The DrumCast will seek to answer these questions.

“Consumer behaviour and the customer journey has changed dramatically in recent years,” according to Buss. “With the rise of voice search, and as search engines begin to offer more sophisticated answers, consumers are being re-trained to search with questions rather than key words.

“For consumers, this means that the customer journey is now a series of questions or searches. Consumers expect answers and brands need to provide answers everywhere people are asking - in Google, in Siri, even on their own Websites.”

As the evolution of the customer journey and the buying process excels, so too must the evolution of the marketer. To tap into what the future of search means for marketing teams across the globe and keep pace with the technologies shaping customer journeys in the modern era.

This event took place on Tuesday, September 24th, 1pm-2pm BST. Watch the full DrumCast here.

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