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Roku beats Amazon, Google & Apple as the largest single US streaming provider

Roku beats Amazon, Google & Apple as the largest single US streaming provider

Roku has extended its advantage at the top of the pile among US streaming providers after cementing its position as the platform to beat in the latest quarterly analysis to be compiled by Tivo.

Roku topped the charts again as the largest single provider with a 21.3% market share, beaten only by the combined might of all smart TV manufacturers who pulled in a 27.6% slice of the market between them.

Moreover, Roku has entrenched its advantage by becoming the fastest-growing streaming platform by far over the past year, jumping 20.1% year-on-year, significantly ahead of the Amazon Fire TV stick which grew by just 11.7%.

What's more the figures may even undercount Roku’s true dominance with the likelihood being that many of the smart TV’s counted by Tivo run Roku software, although a precise breakdown was not provided.

The figures made for grim reading for Chromecast and Apple TV, both of whom lost market share, with Apple TV slumping by a precipitous 22.9% year over year.

The survey also revealed that 34.9% of Americans now own a streaming device, roughly the same as the equivalent 2018 figure as uptake begins to plateau. This trend has prompted Roku to seek fresh avenues of growth in Europe and India.

Top US streaming platforms

Smart TVs 27.6%

Roku 21.26%

Gaming Consoles 20.1%

Amazon Fire TV 17.7%

Chromecast 10.8%

Apple TV 10.3%

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