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Maiiro launches new campaign to tackle beauty industry's plastic problem

TIPI Group release Pack of Lies campaign to call out the beauty industry's use of plastic.

Sustainable skincare brand Maiiro launches Pack of Lies campaign to promote transparency in the beauty industry and encourage consumers to consume more consciously. The campaign aims to also put pressure on brands to speed up their plastic reduction initiatives and eco-friendly policies.

A lot of skincare brands contribute to the world’s plastic problem. While many brands are setting targets to reduce the amount of plastic they produce, many aren't tracking their progress and so, they are ‘greenwashing’ their way out of making real change with charitable initiatives.

Pack of Lies aims to raise awareness of this phenomenon and highlight the extent to which the skincare industry is contributing to the plastic problem. The campaign acts as a hub of information on greenwashing and shares ways for identifying brands that are doing this. The hub also provides plastic tips to help consumers recycle plastic, so that they too can do their bit for the planet.

Maiiro have also launched a petition as part of Pack of Lies, encouraging real change within the industry. The campaign attempts to get legislation passed to ensure that all brands are transparent about their plastic initiatives, making sure that they're vocal to their consumers about their progress and the measures they take to affect change. This means that consumers will know what impact their purchases have on the planet, and will hopefully make brands feel more pressurised to work harder to reduce their plastic output.

Maiiro managing director, Katy Rowe, said: “Being environmentally friendly and sustainable has been a core element of Maiiro from the very beginning, and the plastic problem is one that we feel especially passionate about. Therefore, alongside the brand launch, we wanted to raise awareness of plastic pollution – a problem the skincare industry adds so much to. The problem is much bigger than any individual brand or product but we hope to highlight this and encourage other brands to follow in our footsteps and consider the environment first.”

To explore the campaign, visit Pack of Lies.

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