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HSBC creates global soundscape for homesick international students

HSBC has created a soundscape album for the 74% of international students who say they miss the sounds of their hometown while studying abroad.

After commissioned research, HSBC identified the sound of people talking in their native language (50%), the hustle and bustle of local markets (26%), the rumble of public transport (25%), and birds, insects or native animals (20%) as the main sounds foreign students miss when they are away from home.

In a bid to help the community of 432,001 international students feel more connected to home while studying in the UK, HSBC has recorded a number soundscapes to capture the essential sounds of four countries: India, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Crowd-sourced and commissioned by international influencers, 'Sounds of Home' is available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. HSBC also captured the process behind recording and compiling these evocative sounds.

Discussing the soundscape project, Nathan Donald, head of international propositions at HSBC UK, said: “There are many benefits to studying abroad – new adventures, new skills and independence – but that doesn’t stop you missing the familiarity of home. As someone who has lived and worked abroad, I know what it’s like to feel homesick.

“Sounds of Home helps international students feel closer to the people and places they love. We created these soundscapes to complement the financial guidance and support we provide as a leading bank for international students all over the world. It’s another way in which HSBC is a reassuring presence for students who are away from home, helping them to navigate the fulfilling and challenging world of international study.”

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