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ECDA Singapore shows why teachers will be hard to replace by robots on Teacher's Day

Singapore's Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) is highlighting the role and importance of preschool teachers in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) to mark Teacher's Day (September 6).

The campaign, created by Ogilvy Singapore and Geometry Singapore, features an AI robot teaching preschool kids.

The robot is shown to be unable to converse kids which results in a comedic situation when kids asked about "Where can we find Tortoise?". The robot pointed the kids to some nearby restaurant serving turtle soup and pet stores.

ECDA hopes this situation shows that preschool teachers possess a unique skill set and are irreplaceable by machines.

The campaign will run across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and also via print, influencer engagement and a series of content partnerships.

Pauline Mo, director of partnerships and programmes at ECDA, said: “In this digital era, the Early Childhood sector is harnessing advanced technology, including A.I., to improve work and administrative processes. However, the ability of preschool teachers in imparting values and social emotional skills in the formative years of young children is difficult to replace. This Teachers’ Day, we wanted to do something special to appreciate the unique abilities of our preschool teachers.

“As we encourage more passionate educators to join the sector, we hope more people will recognise and appreciate the immense and commendable day-to-day efforts that our educators have put in to give our children a good start in life. Please join us in wishing our early childhood educators a very Happy Teachers’ Day,”

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