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Ads We Like: Dos Equis promotes football education with ‘College Football Football College’

As college football takes center stage this weekend in the US, Dos Equis is challenging fans to test their knowledge and get educated about the sport with the ‘College Football Football College,’ a new certificate program that combines beer and fandom.

The College Football Football College is a series of free online courses that gives fans an opportunity to earn a certificate in watching college football. The certificate is a real, physical manifestation of how much students have learned throughout the semester, provided they print the PDF and hang it in their home next to other certificates and degrees.

The campaign, by Droga5 New York, comes to life in a college classroom with ‘professors’ that include former NFL players Jay Cutler and Martellus Bennett, plus ESPN host Katie Nolan and led by sports author John U. Bacon, who developed the curriculum for the online ‘college’.

In a series of spots, we learn what the college is, thanks to a cheesy-retro promo that mocks getting an actual college degree.

“I’m the first in my family to earn a football certificate from a beer school,” says one student.

In a 15-second spot, Nolan shows the best way to hike a ball, using a tall can of Dos Equis as a substitute for the ball. When her class shows it has learned the lesson, the proud teachers says, “this is why I got into drinking…teaching, this is why I got into teaching,” as she takes a sip.

Enrollment for the online certificate opened on 24 August with the launch of ten video lessons, and students are encouraged to do what they do best: binge them. Students who complete the final exam by 20 December will be automatically entered for a chance to win tickets to the College Football Playoff National Championship in New Orleans.

"As the Official Beer Sponsor of the College Football Playoff, we're literally in the hands of fans across the country as they watch and debate big, game-making plays all season long," said Karla Flores, brand director for Dos Equis. "That's why we're proud to be turning the football watchers of today into the football-watching leaders of tomorrow."

To learn more about the Dos Equis College Football Football College or to enroll in courses, visit The Dos Equis College Football Football College is not an accredited university, but the experience is legit.

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