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Tong Digital to consider China's luxury sector in breakfast briefing

Tong Digital host follow up Chinese Breakfast Briefing in September in which they'll deconstruct the luxury industry.

Tong Digital is hosting a Chinese Breakfast Briefing, where the focus will be on the top five trends in luxury consumer spending.

Considering that Chinese luxury spending surpassed $115bn last year and is expected to deliver over 65% of total growth from now until 2025, it's no surprise that marketers want to learn how to target this next generation of consumers and work out which trends they'll be lapping up.

The session will focus on the growth of millennial consumers and female consumers particularly, as well as look at the role of nationalism, personalisation and KOL influencer marketing in China.

Chinese millennials and female spenders are amongst the biggest purveyors of luxury goods. Known for their appetite for products and brands that correlate with their personal interests, there's much for brands to get on board with - from personalising goods, endorsing KOL influencers or celebrities, or holding nationalist sentiments.

Only recently have some global luxury brands fallen from grace in China having commited various brand faux pas. This has only highlighted how important it is for brands to prioritise consumers when they're making luxury purchases.

The September briefing will be hosted by Tong Digital co-founder Adam Knight, who will cover some of the key trends that are shaping the future of luxury in China, providing brands with ways to stay on top of their game for 2019 and 2020.

The China Breakfast Briefing is the next event in Tong Digital's series of monthly session, each of which includes an update on the latest developments in China’s retail space and a short presentation on a specific industry topic.

Register your interest for the event here.

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