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14 - 18 June

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Instagram targets Snapchat’s jugular with Threads messaging app

Instagram targets Snapchat’s jugular with Threads messaging app

Facebook-owned Instagram has escalated its arms race with rival Snapchat with the launch of a new messaging app designed to facilitate unrestricted sharing between close friends.

Threads will enable members to share attributes such as their status, location, speed and even battery life as well as text, photos and videos.

Those who opt-in to the service will receive updates on when friends are ‘on the move’ for instance, although real-time location data will not be shared for the moment.

A beta version seen by The Verge is described as employing a user interface that is ‘very similar’ to Instagram’s current direct message system.

Currently undergoing a process of internal testing, the service bears testament to Instagram’s ongoing drive to evolve the messaging experience just as it seeks to consolidate its myriad existing communications tools under the Messenger banner.

Threads could further bridge the gap with Snapchat which Facebook has been aggressively closing with a steady flurry of product announcements designed to capture the attention spans of users by furnishing them with new ways of sharing.

Earlier this summer Instagram began allowing brands to transform influencer posts into ads.