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Spotify shows people spending more time in their cars to enjoy the music in latest campaign

Spotify’s latest campaign ‘Spotify for the Ride’ emphasizes that the streaming company provides the soundtrack to your life, whether it’s during your workout, hosting a play date for your kids or driving your car.

The spot humorously plays on the familiar feeling of not wanting your car journey to end so you can carry on listening to your favorite track, and was designed to work across different platforms with four different lengths.

In the spot, people are seen listening to Sia's Elastic Heart and getting pretty into the song as they shut out the world around them, like the pizza delivery guy who makes his customer wait, or the soccer player who has to let the song end before she joins the game.

Rolling out in the US through film, out-of-home and digital elements, the wider campaign focuses on the ease of the app and the discovery of music and podcast content through some of Spotify’s most popular playlists like Your Daily Drive, Disney Sing-A-Longs, and Songs to Sing in the Car.

"The experience of commuting and listening to music and news in your car is so universal to every driver's daily routine," said June Sauvaget, Spotify’s global head of consumer and product marketing. We're putting Spotify front and center of the driving experience with product enhancements and content, such as 'Your Daily Drive' as the perfect companion to the car commute."

Added said Spotify’s vice-president, global executive creative director, Alex Bodman: “The creative started with a simple insight that we rarely discuss, but everyone can relate to. Then the team got to work on bringing the insight to life with a healthy dose of Spotify’s sense of humor. Hopefully it makes people laugh, while reminding them how much better driving is when you have the perfect soundtrack”.

Over the weekend it was revealed that former president of the United States, Barack Obama was also a fan of the platform after he shared his eclectic, end-of-summer playlist.

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