Singapore Airlines to offer AI-enabled features to 20m passengers

Singapore Airlines is overhauling its digital presence by utilizing the latest AI technologies to deliver a personalized customer experience to all its 20m passengers.

A competitive bid process saw Insider selected as technology partner to deliver personalized cross channel experiences to customers, utilizing predictive AI technologies to serve contextualized recommendations and optimise conversion rates, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Hande Cilingir, chief executive and co-founder at Insider, said: "In essence, Singapore Airlines can now create a 360-degree view of each customer and optimize its full-funnel multichannel customer experience. Using the latest AI technologies, Insider's Growth Management Platform will enable Singapore Airlines to deliver highly personalized, meaningful experiences to each individual based on historical, real-time and predictive data.”

Hande Cilingir, chief executive and co-founder at Insider added: "As we are building new categories, our top-notch engineering team strives to stay ahead of the trends, incorporating the latest technologies like WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Messenger to increase the number of channels, helping marketers deliver consistent experiences.

“Singapore Airlines' decision to focus on providing relevant, contextual interactions to its customers demonstrates its deep commitment to becoming a leader in multichannel customer experiences, and we are very excited to be taking this journey together.”

The technology package will enable Singapore Airlines to tailor its booking experience to individual customers and foster loyalty and repeat purchases thereafter.

Singapore Airlines embarked on its digital transformation journey a year ago.