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August 23, 2019 | 3 min read

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Are marketers taking full advantage of the wealth of data available to them? And are they respecting data governance when using this data? Providing custom tailored buying experiences for customers is now a reality for marketers around the world, thanks to the power of today’s measuring tools. Marketers can track customers across platforms and online ecosystems easily, but this shouldn’t come at a cost to consumer privacy - privacy is a marketer’s “responsibility,'' according to Brian Quinn, president and general manager at AppsFlyer.

Talking about the fine line between privacy and personalization, he adds: “The marketer of the future has to understand the responsibility they have in providing a great user experience and driving high performing campaigns while protecting their user’s data and protecting the privacy of the end user.”

Speaking to The Drum at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Quinn laid out the balancing act of being a modern day marketer. “Measurement and measuring tools are enabling marketers to better connect with their customers.” No longer do marketers have access to simple, first-party data from one touchpoint - there’s a full 360-degree narrative view of customers ready and waiting to inform campaigns. “Not only are [measuring tools] measuring the performance of their marketing and advertising, but it’s generating first party data that can be used to better personalize the customer journey.”

Bettering the customer journey is key to the marketer of the future, but what does this personalization cost to data governance? Marketing is in a constant state of flux, and team must be on the pulse of trends and tech that shape customer behavior, while safeguarding the data they have access to. It’s a tightrope to walk, that’s for sure.

The marketers of the future must toe the line between creating hyper-personalized buying experiences backed by big data insights while protecting the privacy of their customers, he said. This is no mean feat in an age of misinformation, with the threat of cyber-crime and the issue of data governance being so central to today’s digital climate. Finding the balance between personalization and privacy is key.

For marketers creating content and interacting with consumers in such an intelligent landscape with such depth of data and insight into consumers, the potential to create magic is limitless. Quinn credits integration and cross-platform learning as the sweet spot for personalizing the customer journey effectively. “Marketers can better utilize these measurement capabilities by taking advantage of the integrations and the ability for all these tools to connect to other platforms customers are on.” The ability to get to know a customer so intimately, shaping campaigns to their needs, is an essential tool in the marketer of the future’s playbook.

How can marketers equip themselves to best protect the data autonomy of consumers while creating data-rich, personalized campaigns? Harnessing the true potential of the data sets available in a responsible way that respects data autonomy and acknowledges contemporary privacy concerns is a recipe for success. Customers are well catered for with consistency, as Quinn concludes, so make sure that customer journey is tailored just for them.

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