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Code Computerlove partners with BBC to launch documentary

Code ComputerLove partner up with the BBC to create a documentary looking into digital culture.

Manchester-based digital agency Code Computerlove has joined forces with the BBC’s Salford-based user experience and design team to create a documentary, looking at how tech-led organisations such as Google, Co-op Digital, AKQA and ustwo have created vibrant studio cultures.

The short film was a collaboration between the BBC’s creative director of Global Experience Language platform (GEL), Andrew Nott, Code Computerlove and screenwriter Andy Davies.

Tom Bradley, design director at Code Computerlove, said of working on the project: “Our video sets out to explain why building and maintaining a culture is important to the design leaders and creatives we interviewed; what they’ve tried over time, what’s worked, and what they’ve learned. We hope by creating this short doc, organisations of all sizes find something of use to take from it.

“It’s certainly a must-see for designers entering the industry, to understand better the realities of being a designer in a tech-led business and how product teams work.”

Google’s creative director of material design, Rachel Been, said, “Instead of looking at just evolving your craft, it’s about understanding a multitude of other skill sets and having empathy for other people in order to make a more holistic better product.”

Katherine Wastell, head of design at Co-op Digital, said: “It’s important for studio culture that people are communicating even though they might be spread across different product teams, making sure they come back together to improve what they are doing."

The 14-minute long documentary, Studio Culture, can be accessed here via the BBC’s GEL.