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Keegan-Michael Key throws out good alcohol in favor of Truly Hard Seltzer

Actor Keegan-Michael Key is finding practical uses for vodka, bourbon, whiskey and beer that don’t involve drinking them, choosing instead to crack open Truly Hard Seltzer instead.

Truly Hard Seltzer chose Key, best known for his roles on Mad TV, Key & Peele and Friends From College, and his writing partner and wife, Elisa Key, to help concept, write and develop the ads.

Through five 15-second spots, Key reveals why drinkers should reach for Truly instead of beer, wine and spirits by demonstrating cheeky new uses for what they used to drink. In one, he is seen cleaning his car’s rims with vodka. In others, he is lighting his grill with bourbon, feeding a plant with beer, pouring out wine to make a candle holder and stripping paint from chairs with whiskey.

“I already enjoyed Truly, however, after working to bring these spots to life and learning more about the product and the team behind it – I’ve 'truly' become a fan.” said Key.

This is one of the first national TV campaigns by Truly since launching in 2016 and is the first major campaign launched under the Boston Beer Company’s, new chief marketing officer, Lesya Lysyj, who joined the company in the spring of 2019.

“Through this campaign, we are championing the idea of embracing Truly as a refreshing new choice compared to their old repertoire. Keegan-Michael Key brings levity and personality to the brand in a way that we think drinkers will connect with and will help us stand out in a meaningful way,” said Lysyj.

The spots were created by advertising agency Johannes Leonardo and directed by Doug Liman of Independent Media, and will appear across cable networks, OLV and social media.

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