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By Imogen Watson, Senior reporter

August 6, 2019 | 3 min read

Lynx is telling tales of seduction through the medium of tattoos to promote its aftercare shower gel range that claims to brighten ink.

In terms of tattoos, there's no gain, without pain. But, when the sting of a fresh ink goes away, tattoos can be a key player in the art of attraction. They can open conversations, catch people's eyes or even cement one's attraction for another with a permanent declaration of love.

Building on this insight, Lynx wanted to bring to life how tattoos always tell a story about a guy being into something - or someone.

“Tattoos play such a big role in guys' lives, but so far there hasn’t been a lot you can do to keep your ink as fresh as on day one," explained Caroline Gregory, brand director at Lynx. "We want to keep those amazing stories alive and bright.”

In three films produced by 72andSunny Amsterdam, tattoos come to life to tell stories about attraction. To ensure the campaign has an authentic feel, the films showcase tattoos that belong to real people, who each contribute their own stories and voices to the campaign.

72andSunny Amsterdam's creative director Adam Koppel said because the tattoos needed their own personality, instead of scripts the team had springboard ideas. They then used controlled improvisation and interviews to land the idea.

In the first film, a couple lies spooning in bed, the man's tiger branded arm wrapped around his partner's trio of budgerigar. Unknowingly to their sleeping owners, the tattoos come to life and natter to each other about how they met and the instant attraction."We met in a karaoke bar," the centre bird tells the camera. "I was banging out tunes," before she admits how she got distracted when she saw him and "went all over the place."

In the other films, a Scottish owl with a fear of heights talks about how he ended up going skydiving to impress a girl and a tiger laments the 'jungle' of dating in the smartphone era. Each film ends with the tattoo in the shower, being lathered up with Lynx's ink shower gel, and the voiceover says how the gel 'brings your tattoos to life.'

Lynx: Tattoos Come To Life by 72andSunny Amsterdam

By Lynx

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