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Glad 'Torture Tests' its garbage bags in extreme situations

Garbage bag brand Glad has epitomised the fear households can have when dealing with trash. Its products stand up to extreme leaks and bad odors in two dramatic spots that continue the brand's 'Torture Tests' campaign.

The Clorox brand enlisted FCB to torture test the product with 'Apartment Leap' and 'Ultimate Noses'.

In 'Apartment Leap', a leaky bag is dragged through a tenement before a daring roof stunt sees it hold its materials.

In the second spot, elite sniffer dogs try to figure out the contents of a Glad bag against competitors. Naturally, the canines fail to dissect the Glad bag.

The brand believes its torture tests continue to show the products being pushed to the limit, a move which will connect with consumers.

A press release from Glad said that the company's focus on showing these products in familiar, relatable situations, stands out from competitors who instead try to elicit emotions in viewers.

The spots aim to show the product's efficacy and technology.

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