NZTA targets drug drivers in confronting campaign

New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has launched a confronting new project to raise awareness of drug driving.

The ‘Unsaid’ campaign features a young woman called Ashleigh, who shares the impact drug-driving had on her family after her cousin died in a drug driving-related crash.

The campaign, which was created by Clemenger BBDO Wellington, aims to highlight the number of road accidents caused by people with drugs or medications in their system.

According to the NZTA drug-impaired driving is more commonplace than people think, however, New Zealanders don’t identify it as a common cause of road trauma because the causes of these accidents are rarely reported.

In a bid to generate greater awareness of the issue, the ‘Unsaid’ project plans to share the real stories of New Zealanders who have been impacted by drug driving.

The campaign is inviting Kiwis to share their story with Ashleigh, who can share it on their behalf via YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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