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Coors Light tempts millennials and Gen Z with ‘Made to Chill’ campaign

Coors Light is looking for the next generation of light beer drinkers and has unveiled a new campaign that speaks to millennials and Gen Z. The concept is that, in an always on, hyper-connected world, younger generations are actively seeking ways to turn off for a moment, and Coors Light is positioning itself as that moment.

In its first work with new creative agency Leo Burnett, Coors Light repositions the brand with the ‘Made to Chill’ campaign. The first several spots go for ‘chill’-based humor, showing occasions that are unexpected for beer advertising, such as enjoying a shower beer, or getting home from a long day and cracking a cold one while kicking off the shoes and unhooking the bra.

One in Spanish shows two roommates waking on a Saturday morning, cooking egg sandwiches and settling in to watch a soccer match while cracking a cool brunch Coors Light.

“Cold has always been part of our brand DNA. And Coors Light’s mountain-cold refreshment is the perfect antidote to a world that won’t stop being on,” said Ryan Reis, vice president of marketing, Coors Family of Brands. “But in a world where millennial and Gen Z drinkers have more and more choices, we have one job to do: give them a new reason to reach for Coors Light.”

The new campaign looks to reach 90% of 21-34-year-olds an average of nine times in August, using TV, streaming, OOH, podcast and social influencer platforms.

Leo Burnett was selected for Coors Light in May of 2019.

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