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The Chip Shop Awards looks back at past thought-provoking retail winners

Chip Shop retail winners

Ahead of the inaugural Chip Shop Awards US 2019, The Drum takes a look back at some of the best winners of the award over the last few years in the UK.

Renowned for celebrating creativity without limits, the Chip Shop Awards feature the best creativity regardless of whether the campaigns are real or not. They encourage thinking outside-the-box and are meant to encourage and invigorate creatives of all levels.

Here, The Drum highlights some of the most thought-provoking examples of retail advertising that have won Chip Shop Awards, crediting the agencies and creatives at the helm of these would-be campaigns.

Passive-aggressive Post-Its

By Digital Radish

For the things you would never dare say out loud in the office without sounding like a jerk, the team at Digital Radish dreamed up this concept to highlight frustrations in the workplace.

The agency stated: “Now released with added ‘smiley’ to make sure Susan up in accounts doesn’t know that you actually really, really hate her.”

The notes echo the tone of the sentiments like “If the dishwasher is full…try turning it on,” and “Did you see my email” all with a passive aggressive smiley face.

Labels for Staples

By Elvis

This simple call for equality shows that labels and boxes are not needed to define people by their beliefs, sexuality and identity.

Elvis wanted to turn Staples into an advocate for equality by showing that they support everyone – whatever identity they choose and whatever their sexual orientation. With a dose of irony from the label-stocking stationers, the ad proves that Staples doesn’t really care for labels at all. Because we're all equals.

Gap in the Market, Toblerone

By Stein IAS

The retail category didn’t come into play for the Chip Shop Awards until 2018, so this one 2017 win comes from the best brand apology ad category.

Stein IAS saw the outrage when Toblerone went from its usual break-off triangle bites to much wider gaps between the wedges to save on weight.

The public apology is spelled out across the signature triangular packaging, with the word ‘Sorry’ and long gaps between the letters. Message received.

Bring Back the Rainbow, Skittles

By Phil McDonald, art director

This 2016 effort from Phil McDonald stands out not only for its call for equality, but for the fact that it’s a concept that's pretty much come to life the past few years.

In the ad, a package of ‘Pride’ Skittles is seen. The rainbow has been removed from the packaging and the Skittles candies are ‘boring white.’ The copy reads: “Skittles have removed their signature rainbow from all products and media until Australia approves marriage equality.”

Over the last couple of years, Skittles has actually given up the rainbow for Pride. This year, Skittles worked with Straight Forward Design to take the concept even further. Skittles wanted the LGBTQ+ community to be directly involved for 2019, so Straight Forward Design created a concept to collaborate with artists who identify as part of the community to create original, limited-edition designs.

Lemon Remix, Doritos

By The Agency, Bath

In 2015, the best ad without a headline went to a Doritos effort by The Agency, Bath. Instead of a headline, it was a simple promo for Doritos Hint of Lemon.

The shot is of a bunch of yellow corn chips arranged so the points are coming together in the middle. When viewed, it appears like the inside of a cut lemon. At the bottom there is just the Doritos logo with ‘Hint of Lemon’ under it.

Or Durex, Durex

By Kieran Child, Art Director; Steve Atkinson, Copywriter

The best ambient media award in 2014 went to this effort by Kieran Child and Steve Atkinson.

This graphic piece shows a block of urinals in a men’s room with pictures above. One is of a screaming child. The next is an empty pocket, while the third is a sexually transmitted disease-ridden male member. A fourth panel says ‘or’. On the wall next to the urinals is a Durex condom machine, to remind those that wearing one is better than the other examples shown.

The deadline for The Chip Shop Awards US is August 30 and will take place on September 24 in New York.

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