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Tencent signs deal to create a new Pokémon game for China

Tencent signs deal to create a new Pokémon game for China

Tencent’s TiMi Studio Group has signed an agreement with The Pokémon Company, which will see it creating a new game and bring Pokémon into the Chinese Internet giant’s gaming portfolio for the first time.

Nintendo-backed Pokémon Co owns the IP to one of the world’s biggest entertainment franchises, which spawned TV shows, films and the mobile gaming hit Pokémon Go, a game that never reached China. Elsewhere, the release of the game was even cited as the source for the revival of interest in the TV series.

Instead in China, Tencent has created a lookalike game called ‘let’s hunt monsters’, according to Technode, which has become a top-30 grossing game in China.

It’s not known if the game will ape the Pokémon Go format of augmented reality and the company has been guarded about giving any information while the game is in development.

Reports by Technode also point to job postings, based in Tencent’s LA office, looking for creatives and game developers that have experience with major IP gaming extensions.

It said one of the postings required, “deep knowledge and a strong passion for Pokémon IP.”

The success of the Pokémon brand has gone from strength-to-strength in the past year, with the movie spin-off ‘Detective Pikachu’ delivering success in the box office.

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