By Imogen Watson, Senior reporter

July 22, 2019 | 3 min read

CoppaFeel! wants the public to confront breast cancer 'breasts on' in a poignant 'Grab life by the boobs' campaign that tackles a diversity problem in awareness campaigns.

As part of its tenth-anniversary celebrations, the breast cancer awareness charity wants people to check their chests as often as they brush their teeth.

The campaign is targetted towards people from BAME backgrounds, the transgender community and cisgender men. It comes after research indicated that people from ethnic minority communites do not go for screenings as regularly as their white counterparts.

Such findings highlight the need for greater diversity in awareness campaigns - not as a tick-box, but a critical necessity that could save lives.

With this in mind, CoppaFeel! worked with Fold7 on this 'Grab life by the boobs' campaign, that features real men and women - some of whom have experienced breast cancer themselves - to highlight how checking boobs regularly is lifesaving.

The spot opens with a montage of different women dealing with things that make life a handful, including fitting into tricky, tight gym wear, rainy days outside and demanding kids.

Although each can be annoying to deal with, in the greater scheme of things, none of that matters. CoppaFeel! instead wants its audience to grab all that life has to offer; the highs, the lows... and their wonderful bodies.

The voiceover notes "life can be a handful. But what do you do? Back down when things get tough? Or confront them, breasts on?"

The film then cuts to a set of snapshots of diverse men and women checking their chests, as the voiceover continues "do you let go or grab on for dear life? You grab on to everything it has to offer. Your future. Your loved ones. Yourself. So grab today. Grab tomorrow. Grab what matters."

It ends with a series of powerful shots of each of the cast members holding their chests while staring pointedly out to the viewer, as the voiceover finishes with "grab your dreams. Grab big and squeeze plenty. It could save your life."

'Grab Life by The Boobs' follows CoppaFeel's 2017 project 'Trust Your Touch', a campaign that featured a range of breast-shaped imagery, including boob juggling balls, to remind the public to check themselves. It was also the first advert to show a female nipple on daytime TV.

The campaign will run across TV, cinema, radio, print, OOH and online from July to November.

Sinéad Molloy, creative and brand manager at CoppaFeel, said: "Grab Life By The Boobs is a celebration of grabbing on to life and a reminder to all young people that getting to know their body is the best way to put the future in their hands”

Adding to this, Ryan Newey, founder and chief creative officer at Fold7, said: “Breast cancer can impact anyone regardless of age, gender, race – but simply checking gives us the gift of early diagnosis enabling us to get medical treatment as quickly as possible.

"The line ‘grab life by the boobs’ was designed to communicate this by subverting the phrase ‘grab life by the balls’ – and while Trust Your Touch was about building confidence around checking, the message this time is much more assertive and proactive.”

CoppaFeel: Grab Life By The Boobs by Fold7

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