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Shutterstock stages its own Moon landing using stock footage

Conspiracy theorists have long questioned the legitimacy of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Now, 50 years on from man first stepping on the Moon, Shutterstock has released a film showing how "you totally could pull off" a fake landing using just stock footage.

Half a century ago, on 20 July, 650 million people watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon.

What followed were a number of conspiracy theories about whether it actually happened with sceptics wondering everything from why the flag was flapping in a vaccum and where the stars were to whether the a whole event was an elaborate fabrication filmed by Stanley Kubrick to trick the Russians.

Now, Shutterstock has stepped into the mix, producing its own Moon landing video, even though "it definitely did happen."

Using its own library of imagery, Shutterstock plays on the idea that "you could totally pull it off with Shutterstock and it would be more out of this world."

The video montages various space imagery that concludes with an astronaut literally 'moonwalking' across a lunar backdrop.

This video is the latest in the series of the ‘It’s Shutterstock’ campaign, the company's first marketing investment in six years.

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