eBay trashes Amazon Prime Day and promises to unlock more deals if the site crashes again

Online marketplace eBay is tapping into rising disillusionment of Amazon Prime Day's sales with a sassy ad deconstructing the commerce giant's self-proclaimed special day of commerce.

A human girl named (you guessed it) Alexa mocks the 'parade' of deals on offer during Prime Day (15/16 July) while reminding viewers that it will just be

She said Prime Day is "a holiday Amazon totally made up to get people excited about its parade of deals, real parades don't charge a membership. They will mostly have deals on random stuff nobody wants, they are mostly trying to clear their warehouse."

Last year, Amazon crashed last year on Prime Day (referenced in the ad). If it does crash now, eBay has promised to unlock even more deals. Its 'Crash Sale' is named after the crash it predicts the Amazon website will have.

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