Japanese noodle brand Nissin sends ‘monster’ to Brazil to be its sales exec

Japanese noodle brand Nissin sends ‘monster’ to Brazil to be its sales exec

Nissin Brazil is borrowing from classic Japanese cinema styles in its latest ad that sees a Godzilla-like ex-TV star ‘monster’ that has moved from Japan to Brazil in search of a new job.

In recognition of the popularity of the Japanese brand’s instant noodles in the South American country, the storyline sees the monster becoming a businessman after he spots the opportunity to become the salesman for the brand in Brazil.

The three videos are themed around three lessons that he has learnt in moving to the new country and starting this new career path. The first video explores the lesson of ‘turn problems into opportunities’ and charts his journey in starting the new job. The second video is about ‘never lose your essence’ as he discovers that he has to be himself to get the job done. Finally, he explains that you must ‘pass on your knowledge’ as he becomes a sales guru for Nissin.

The ads, by Dentsu Brasil and produced by Fantástica Filmes, aim to specifically promote the Asian flavours of the noodles, including Yakisoba, Seafood, and Chicken Teriyaki, as well as Yakisoba in packet form.

Marlon King, scene director and creative partner at Fantástica Filmes + VFX, said: “At Fantástica Filmes, creating multi-platform audiovisual content is in our DNA, as is (of course) creating TV commercials in the classic format. We want to touch viewers with our fantastic stories and make them experience and believe in the scenarios we create. We feel that the more absurd the narrative and visual language, the more the viewer has to believe that what he is seeing is possible.”

The campaign will be entirely distributed across digital channels in Brazil, with the three videos as the focal point of the activity.

Dentsu: Gotsui by Nissin

Added 12 July 2019
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