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Good Agency chief chairing The Drum Social Purpose Awards 2019 to 'save marketing's soul'

Creative partner and founder of London creative agency Good, Reuben Turner will chair The Drum Social Purpose Awards 2019.

Turner will lead a panel of industry experts in deciding which brands and agencies are driving forward socially responsible marketing, brand purpose and a truer representation of society today.

“These awards are about saving the soul of marketing,” Turner explains. “There’s never been less trust in business, in advertising, in media – and you can see why. It’s time for organisations that have positive values at their core – and who push them to the front – to be celebrated."

According to Accenture research, almost two-thirds of surveyed global consumers prefer to purchase from companies that have a social lead purpose which reflects their values and beliefs.

There is more questioning of ‘purpose’ than ever for brands and agencies. “While the relentless cynicism from some quarters can be depressing, scrutiny and scepticism can also be forces for positive change," adds Turner. "Brands are realising that sustainability claims and a nice video are table stakes.

“They’re having to look deeper, to try harder, and to actually prove impact. And as the purpose landscape evolves, they’re willing to get it half right, so they can learn and do better.”

Turner has a long and distinguished background in marketing and advertising for social purpose. He is co-founder of Good, one of the first agencies founded with social, ethical and environmental aims as its core principles.

As well as having worked with a number of leading non-governmental organisations, he focuses on helping commercial brands understand, define and grow through social purpose, with current clients including Pernod Ricard, the Kingfisher group and fashion brand ESCADA.

When judging the awards, Turner will be looking for evidence of authentic commitment. He concludes: "Entries need to show impact and shallow ‘purposewash’ campaigns designed to distract from the harm that brands do will get short shrift."

The Drum Social Purpose Awards 2019 is now open for entries. Enter before July 25 and receive a special discounted rate on your submissions.