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The Drum Presents: This is my YouTube with DJ Yoda

As part of a new series, This Is My YouTube presenter Russell Kane talks to the multi-award winning DJ Yoda, who is best known for his pioneering use of pioneer of audio-visual entertainment. He talks about discovering new collaborators, mashing genres together and his new album.

DJ Yoda talks about how YouTube has been crucial to the development of his work, not least because it has opened up a whole new world of collaboration. Using his recent track 'London Fields' as an example, he says that most of the people involved in the creation of the track were discovered by him via the platform.

He also stresses how YouTube has revolutionised the way he discovers and sources the sounds and music he uses in his work. "When I started DJing and travelling the world it was all about records, and finding record shops in the obscure cities that I was in…then when the first video DJing came in it was via DVD…then YouTube came along and everything was there and that’s where I do my digging now." "You can see and hear everything."

The first series of This Is My YouTube also includes episodes based around fashion and football clips and has interviews with comedian and actor David Walliams and radio DJ Sarah Cox, which will all feature on The Drum.