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Can luxury brands be the saviour of print media? Moet Hennessy offers some truths

Depending on the message and assets available, LVMH wines and spirits brands’ marketing mix has to be “image-led” when it comes to print, says Véronique Louise, global branding and media director at Moet Hennessy.

“It's very important for us being a premium wine and spirits offering luxury company to build on our image for our product and brands.”

Print continues to make a significant contribution to marketing effectiveness, but the industry remains unconvinced. The Drum spoke to Louise about the power of print in the marketing mix, it's role and its future in compelling campaigns of the future.

“We want to build iconic brands; we want to be part of a qualitative environment. But when it comes to talking to those in procurement or finance, this brings in the question of ROI and the direct contribution to the sales. We can have some interesting conversations there.”

As technology advances, new platforms come in and new technology makes an appearance, and with so much noise around it, does it mean there is a risk of print dying out?

“99% of the Western population has access to a mobile which gives the internet in a small window. This might especially lead to the next generation becoming ignorant of print because it's not fast enough, it's not funny enough, it's not engaging enough… If you're not familiar with something, you don't use it.

“For me, there is an important task to do. And not only for the print players but for the print stakeholders, the government and even the parents to make sure their children have access to content in a different manner than a mobile or digital device.”

Print is important in the luxury sector, insists Louise. “When talking about luxury brands, there is a lot of content that is delivered by recognised experts, so this credibility shows the importance of the medium for the luxury sector.

“With regards to the state of mind people are in when they're opening a magazine or a newspaper, they are not just looking for stackable content, it's a more lean back type of media.”

Louise concludes that audiences consume messages via print differently to messages online. With the power of print, you have the opportunity to stand out loud and proud, with a high-quality production, which is critical to brand success and effectiveness.