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The Drum Presents: This is my YouTube with Sara Cox

As part of a new series, This Is My YouTube presenter Russell Kane talks to BBC Radio 2 Drivetime host Sara Cox about some of the videos that have appealed to her over the years.

Among Cox's choices of YouTube-hosted content hosted on the platform is a clip of a singing donkey, a clip from her presenting past and a video featuring her BBC radio colleague Scott Mills hosting a segment on his own show featuring Gerard Butler gargling water. She also discusses how she is influenced by the content she discovers in her career.

"I take notes on my phone because if you are on the radio every day, you are walking through life praying that something hilarious will happen to you so you are always after material, so it is really helpful if I do get something funny from YouTube," explains Cox while talking about how important the platform is to her.

Talking about the idea behind the series, Nishma Robb, head of marketing UK for Google, explained: "YouTube is well-established as an entertainment platform - so our aim is not to prove this, but to explore what that means to people on an individual level. Through this, we can bring the ad industry a little closer to how people with varied interests and personalities interact with the platform, and therefore what that might mean for a brand. We know that YouTube can mean something different to every viewer, but that what unifies those viewers is their engagement with the content they consume and the communities that can build around that. YouTube captures the viewer's attention because it operates as a dynamic, evolving reflection of viewers’ passions and interests - and we feel this series articulates that in an enjoyable way."

The first series of This Is My YouTube also includes episodes based around fashion and football clips and has interviews with comedian and actor David Walliams and DJ Yoda, which will all feature on The Drum.