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Westfield London welcomes ‘AI-powered’ The Trending Store that stocks items hot on social

Westfield London welcomes The Trending Store to its line-up

Westfield London is making a high-tech push for footloose fashionistas with the launch of an ‘AI-powered’ shop stocked exclusively with 100 trending items based on real-time social media data.

The Trending Store will allow customers to browse and purchase the full range of clothing and accessories in person with all proceeds going towards Save the Children.

It has categorised the tastes of groups, the most on-trend segment is the ‘romantic heroines’, women who embrace of voluminous dresses with floral and maximalist patterns and ‘dystopian fashionistas’, Netflix addicts who translate their viewing of shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Black Mirror into street activism by subverting functional masks and respirators as fashion accessories.

These groups are joined by individuals categorized as belonging to the ‘design therapy’ label.

Westfield’s marketing chief Myf Ryan commented: “Online, shoppers are inspired by influencers and used to being guided by AI, with products served to them based on their behaviour. Usually, this guidance does not translate to a physical retail space, however, working with data analysts, NextAtlas, we are able to bring our shoppers products that are trending in real time - a true reflection of social conversation brought to life in a physical space.”

Trending items are determined by tracking 400,000 early adopters spread across 1,000 cities worldwide.

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